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Today I made what is probably the easiest recipe on the planet. AND one of the most delicious. I swear mushrooms have magic powers. 

Oh.. not those kind of mushrooms.





-coconut oil

-coconut milk



Heat a pan, add your coconut oil to it.

Cut your chicken into thin strips – add them to the pan and let them cook a little on both sides

Then add in chopped mushrooms ( the more the merrier)

Next add in half a cup of coconut milk

Let it all simmer away until cooked.

I don;t like garlic or salt but feel free to add whatever seasoning you like- this recipe is SUPER flavourful just with the coconut milk and mushrooms… hence the mushroom magic powers!


Here is another one of my circuit workouts:

* warm up and glute activation exercises


– bent over barbell rows ( 30kg for 12 reps)

– step up with a side lift

– flyes ( 8kg for 12 reps)

– plyometric pushups ( 10 reps)

– goblet squat ( 15kg for 12 reps)

-1 arm row ( 15kg for 12 reps)

– kettlebell swings ( 15kg for 15 reps)

– single leg hip thrust ( 10 reps each leg)

I did set reps and three rounds of this circuit.


12 minutes, as many rounds as possible of:

– 10 push press

– 10 burpees

– 10 jump lunges

-10 pushups

Thats all for today 🙂

Happy Tuesday!!!