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Hello! I am back from the deep depths of wherever bloggers go when they’re not blogging. I think its called real life.

What have you guys been up to? Hows your training???!!!

Mine has been FANTASTIC.My knee decided to give me a little trouble a few weeks back so I went back to bodybuilding style training ( my first love). It was really fun! I threw in a few crossfit WODs along the way

I had 3 solid weeks of PR hitting left right and centre. I was lifting SUPER heavy… think 4-8 rep range… And then I had one crappy week-to be expected. So I took three days off and this week I am mixing things up completely focusing on circuit training and WODs.

Yesterday’s upper body circuit looked like this:

Four rounds of:

1.dumbell press ( 2 x 10gk for 15 reps)

2. 100 high knees

3. 1 arm rows ( 10kg for 12 reps)

4. Β 100 high knees

5. pushups- 20

6. high knees

7. push press ( 20 kg for 12 reps)

8. high knees

9. renegade row ( 6kg for 10 reps each side)

10.high knees

I kept the weight light and reps high

My leg day looked like this:

* glute activation exercises

DIANE – 21-15-9 deadlifts/ handstand pushups

then I did:

weighted hip thrusts

back lunges supersetted with planks

goblet squats supersetted with a side lunge and squat combo ( side lunge left, squat, side lunge right is 1 rep)

straight leg deadlift supersetted with kettlebell swings.

I think my butt is going to need its own identity card one of these days..

And aside from training hard I have been eating tons of yummy things. Damn you JBΒ and your banana bread french toast. damn you. ( and by damn you i mean i love and adore you and bow down to the banana bread french toast alter)

So besides gorging myself on JB’s french toast and coffee cake… ( I really wish I was joking when I say I baked them both on the same day and ate them both myself) I have been making some seriously AWESOME food. I love food.

FYI- 2 cake evidence Β ( and a banana bread almond butter sandwich)

food= love.

tuna mixed with dijon mustard, cucumber and spinach all bundled up in nori

tuna, dijon mustard, cucumber and spinach all bundled up in nori

red pepper, yellow pepper, green chili, grated zucchini, grated ginger, TONS of lemon juice, corriander and parsley and tilapia-all cooked up in coconut oil


Favourite breakfast:

Meat, avo and a TON of green veggies- spinach, parsley, corriander, rocket

I’ll post the roast chicken recipe soon… its a winner.

Happy day πŸ™‚