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What is up with not being allowed to take animals on the train in Jerusalem?? HONESTLY… how rude. Little arsim carrying knives can do more bodily harm then my little angel.

Something really weird goes on it that city. People just don’t like dogs. It does work to my advantage though when the bus station is packed… I just pick Bombi up and aim him in the direction I want to go and people JUMP out my way. Its like I’m a modern day Moses parting the red sea of Religious Jews and Arabs. Finally at one in their joint hatred of The Dog.

I’m still on a burger kick….

For the burger: 150g minced chicken, fresh corriander, corriander seeds, onion ( just a little diced)

your burger should look something like that… then add it to a pan with coconut oil and let it sizzle away… turn it over to cook on both sides and cover to help the cooking process ( hurry the hell up so you can eat)

veggies: onion, tomato, mushrooms, apple cider vinger, coconut oil, lemon juice

First cook your onions, then tomatoes, then mushrooms- when its done pile on top of your burger and eat!

happy day!