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Weetbix = the breakfast of champions???? um.. NO.

This is more like it…

(Kiwi kids should really be meat and eggs kids.. but who am I to judge.)

Breakfast: Salad+ mince curry + fried egg on top + Ice coffee ( new obsession- thats coconut milk in there btw)

For the curry:

ground beef

bay leaves

curry powder

masala powder

ground cumin

green chili

tomato paste

fresh corriander

coconut oil

First: add coconut oil to a pan and heat it up

Second: add your beef

Third: add your tomato paste and some water

Fourth: add in your bay leaves ( I used two small ones for 500g of beef) and spices. I like A LOT of curry powder and masala… so I can’t really tell you how much to put because  I just throw it in until it looks about enough

Fifth: add in your chili pepper

Let it bubble and simmer away for a long time… the longer you leave it to brew the tastier it will be!! It will finish cooking pretty quick but if don’t let it carry on simmering you won’t get the awesome flavours.

Sixth: When its been simmering for a good while add in some fresh chopped corriander, let it carry on cooking for a few more minutes and then turn off the heat.

And while I was happily munching away on breakfast… I saw my dog was happily munching away too….

RIP skipping rope… we had some good times. You taught me double unders and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Happy eating everyone!