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So I always was under the impression that roasting chicken is for grown ups ( lets just ignore the little fact that I’m 28… i’m nowhere NEAR being a grown up- whatever that even means)/

One day I decided to just take the plunge and roast a whole chicken.

So it went in looking like this.. ( kinda weird holding it- my sister very charmingly said its like holding a dead baby. WTF Mika???!!!)

And came out looking freakin AWESOME- like this:

And it tastes amazing. I was so surprised at how such a small amount of effort could lead to such INSANE results in the taste department…

And then I did it again…

( Ignore the hole on the left thigh… I couldnt really contain myself as it came out the oven)


– fresh corriander

-fresh parsley

– fresh oregano ( I have done it with dried as well and it came out just as good)

– fresh rosemary ( also made it with dried rosemary once and it came out great)

– half a lemon

– 3 cloves of garlic

now… rinse your chicken ( try to forget the lovely image my sister put in all our heads) then stuff a good bunch of all the herbs up its butt, stuff the 3 garlic cloves up there too. Then you squeeze over half the lemon and stuff that up its butt too. Then you chop up some more herbs and cover the bird… Then you pop it in the oven at 180 degrees until crispy brown and cooked.

Nothing is quicker, less time consumer and tastier.

What to do with the left over bones?? Make BONE BROTH….obviously!! Watch this bone broth space…