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So a few months ago I was dating my hot neighbour. It lasted a grand total of 2 weeks because as it turned out… he didn;t like dogs. Well THAT wasn’t going to work out was it??!!


And I’m pretty sure he couldn’t deadlift… strike 2.

One thing Mr. Hot neighbour had going for him was that he was of Libyan decent… and that means MAFROOM. One night he was telling me about his mother’s ‘meatballs’ that are cooked inside potato and cooked in sauce and I was like… thats not a meatball!!!… thats MAFROOOMMM. He was so surprised that a little ashkenazi girl knew what mafroom was. I don’t mess around when it comes to food. So today I made an inside out mafroom.

perhaps even calling it mafroom is a bit of a stretch…who cares this burger/mafroom/ stuffed thingy is so DAMN DELICIOUS i think I want to date it. But it probably doesn;t like dogs coz a dog would eat it and it certainly can’t deadlift coz it has no limbs. What a weird sentence.

This was breakfast:

Firstly you want to bake a sweet potato. ( I hate it when people say… ‘You want to..’ it makes me want to reply… no YOU want. whatever.)

Then you take your meat and add in a tsp of oregano and whatever other spices you like. I didnt add in anything else.

Then you fashion a little sandwich.. like this:

( FYI thats half the potato.. the other half is in the fridge for PWO tonight)

and close it up..like this:

While all this sandwich fashioning and closing is going on, saute onions, mushrooms and red peppers. I heated up coconut oil, added in the onions, then a little while later the red peppers and finally the mushrooms. Then coz I was too lazy to use another pan I added in some sliced zucchini to the same pan and squeezed some lemon juice over that and let it cook away…

Add some coconut oil to a separate pan and cook your burger in it . I did a few minutes on each side and then covered it up.

Once its done…devour!

I know I already put this picture in.. but who wouldn’t want to see this baby again.

Oh I also made ice cream. And roasted chicken. And another burger. It was a good day in my kitchen. Recipes are coming.. soon.

Hope you’re all training HARD!!