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HI! I did a 2k row in 09 .44!!!! I was so excited I took a photo. I don’t row that often and I could just never crack under ten minutes. Then I did a google search for a good 2k rowing time and it appears that the median time for women is 8.58 minutes. New goal 🙂

This was my plyometric leg workout from last week:

glute activation and warmup to start.


I set my gymboss for 6 rounds of 45 seconds on 15 seconds off and did the following supersets:

– side lunge squat combo ( side lunge, side lunge, jump squat= 1 )

– straight leg deadlift


– back lunge goblet squat combo ( back lunge, back lunge, squat) – 10kg dumbell

– jump lunges


-step up with a side lift, alternating legs

– turnover burpees ( a burpee and on the jump up you spin around in the air to face the other direction)


-mountain climber jump lunge combo ( 3 mountain climbers 3 jump lunges= 1)

– back lunge, alternating legs ( with 2 x 10 kg dumbells)

THEN after those supersets I did the following circuit: i set reps and went through the circuit 3 times

– single leg hip thrust left

-single leg hip thrust right

– sumo bench squat jumps ( stand with your legs over the bench, squat down and jump up onto the bench)

– kettlebell swings ( 15kg)

– 1 leg burpees left

-1 leg burpees right

This was an absolute killer of a workout… definitely one to repeat!!!

This morning I was in a hurry so I have no idea what possessed me to make a pancake.. but I did:

3 egg whites

1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut flour

a bit of cinnamon

baking powder

cooked in a little pan with coconut oil

It turned out really good! I was pretty surprised, I was expecting a total flop. Pancakes are’t really my favourite and since eating paleo these kinds of breakfasts don’t really do it for me…I much prefer these kind of breakfasts! I don’t think I’ll make this again for breakfast but I will definitely make it for a snack!

Have a great day!