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Salmon cakes are one of my favourite quick and easy recipes. They always turn out delicious and are just so easy to do, easy to pack and take with to uni or work.

Today I made two batches and I decided to stray from my usual recipe.

result…. HEAVEN. Handsdown the best salmon cakes I have ever made.

2 tins of canned salmon

1 egg

chopped dill

chopped corriander

( i put a TON of herbs coz i love them)

1 1/2 tablespoons of coconut

a sprinkle of paprika

a squeeze of lemon juice

some lemon pulp

mix it all together and bake at 180 until golden brown

I hope you try these because they are SERIOUSLY GOOD!

Yesterday I did a pretty crazy plyometric leg workout that I’ll post soon!

Have a great day,