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Hi everyone!

I kinda went awol from the blogging world for awhile… life kinda got a bit crazy and to be honest blogging and blogs started to annoy me. Everyone seems to have the most perfect lives on their blog. It started to irritate me and I didn;t feel like writing about how disasterous my life is and I didn;t feel like lying about how perfect it is.

Things have been pretty hard going lately- my apartment is FALLING APART. To the point of where I have been living rent free for 2 months now. Sounds good right?? I’d rather pay rent and not live in mould and damp and paint flaking off the ceiling. It sounds like I am over exaggerating… if only I was. every night I dust off my bed from the paint. I can’t leave food unattended in the kitchen because paint falls from the ceiling into it. I cant drink tea in bed unless I want paint floaties…

ANNNNYYYWAYYYs. enough complaining.

I did a really fun workout the other day. I wanted something not too intense but that would still challenge me.

As always I started off with a dynamic warmup

Part 1: Glute activation- supermans and bridges

part 2: a circuit repeated 3 times

– opposite hand to opposite toe touch. start off making a table top with your tummy facing up, then lift up one leg and reach with the opposite arm to touch your toes and switch sides x 20 reps

– sliding ab tucks x 12 reps ( pushup position, feet on a towel and slide your feet in towards your body)

– spiderman pushups x 12 reps

part 3:

– renegade row x 12 reps ( i used two 10kg dumbells)

– stand kneel stand -left x 12 reps ( holding 6kg med ball)

-stand kneel stand- right x 12 reps ( holding 6kg med ball)

* at this point in my workout two guys told me I was like GI Jane and that they are always embarassed to workout next to me because I’m showing them up. HA. I’ll take that as a compliment.

Part 4: I set my gymboss for 10 rounds of 30 seconds work 10 seconds rest

I alternated between:

– mountain climbers

– walkout pushups ( start stand… bend forward and walk your hands out into a pushup, do a pushup and walk your hands back to the forward bend position and stand up and repeat!)

Part 5: circuit x 3 rounds

Floor wipers 16 reps

– weighted glute bridges 12 reps

– santana pushups 16 reps

DONE- I finished off with some hip flexor stretches and olympic bar rolling– foam rolling is old news! MWOD.com boys and girls… DO IT!

Turkey meatballs:


half a kilo of ground turkey

1 grated carrot

1 grated zucchini

fresh corriander

half a red pepper chopped

1/4 yellow pepper chopped

1 green chilli chopped

some grated ginger

a sprinkle of sweet paprika

a sprinkle of cumin

a bit of oregano

1 egg

1tbsp dijon mustard

squeeze of lemon juice and some grated zest.

I greased a baking tray with some coconut oil and baked the meatballs until done! They look slightly burnt int this photo but they weren’t.. they were SUPER DELICIOUS.


I also made the world’s greatest meatballs ever… recipe coming soon!

Happy day