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I have a little obsession with nut butter. I think most people do. Most normal/ non-allergic people ( wait thats not to say allergic people aren’t normal… although some may not be).

So today I decided to make my own nut butter. I am the embarassed owner of the world’s worst blender. Biggest piece of junk EVER. I should put it up on a swap your old stuff website and maybe I can get rid of it and hook myself up with a hamster cage instead. I really love hamsters. Although my dog would probably bark his pretty little head off at it and then it would die. That wouldn’t be cool. I’ll just keep my crappy blender until someone buys me a new one for a present.

( hint)

In the meantime it did an ok job making this AWESOME nut butter…


1 cup of cashews

half a cup of water



TEASPOON…..and GO… EAT!!!!!!! Thats pretty much what I did. I managed to take a moment to add in a little drop of Rose water- Pure brilliance if I do say so myself. I mixed it all up again and resumed the eating.

Then I did the next best thing to eating nut butter out of the jar with a teaspoon…. I stuffed a mejool date with it.


3 simple ingredients- cashews, water and rose water.

Go make it!!! Its heavenly.

In other news, I have discovered coconut oil works wonders as a night time moisturiser. Who would have thought. So I rub coconut oil on my face every night (obviously lick the spoon after) and wake up in the morning and cook some sort of meat in it for breakfast. Classy.

Happy day!!!!!!!!!!!!