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So I have 3 leaks in my room. As well as 3 separate buckets ( and by that I mean one bucket and 2 pots) catching the little water droplets. And now its gotten worse… Not only do I have 3 leaks and Lake Taupo on my bedroom floor, I also have little beads of water dotted all over. But WAIT there is more.. I also have paint flaking off my ceiling so I wake up to white dots all over my face and my hair. Its awesome.

Oh did I mention there is mould growing as well? Ye… I really need to MOVE apartments.

Anyways So needless to say sleeping in wet, mould and dripping water is not so great for your health. I was waking up most mornings feeling ick. So I googled the fruits and vegetables with the most vitamin C and what came up???

GREEN CHILLIES!! who would have thought?! And yellow pepper and kiwis. Fascinating. So I went on a flu fighting rampage…

Into my pan went coconut oil, chicken, a tiny bit of low sodium soya sauce and red chili flakes.

Then when the chicken was cooked I added in:

– yellow peppers

-red peppers

– brocolli

– zuchini peels

– a HUGE CHUNK of grated fresh ginger

– a green chili pepper

So this isn’t a pretty picture… but who cares. This is WAR. War isn’t pretty.

This was dinner… and the next morning I woke up- totally FINE!

AND in case you think I am making this up – I had  made a doctor’s appointment the day before and he said ‘It seems like you had a virus but you appear to have kicked it’


So for the next few days I was eating ginger, chilli, yellow peppers and kiwi fruit like it was going out of fashion.

It also happened to be a SUPER flavourful bowl- not just a magic healing bowl of power.

Today I did WOD 3 of the crossfit open- just for funsies. I was kinda tired so didn’t really score it. It was a good workout though!

18 mins, AMRAP ( as many rounds as possible) of:

15 box jumps

12 push press

9 toes to bar

Happy day 🙂