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So I’ve been dreaming up a paleo apple crumble recipe for some time now…and I got a bee in my bonnet about it today and made it. I was going to wait for the weekend or my birthday (which sadly is coming too soon) or for my roomate to come home so he could tell me its not really apple crumble and then marvel at its awesomeness… but I just made it. and then ate it.

I got it ready before the gym….

1. chop up an apple

2. sprinkle raisins

3. squeeze a little bit of lemon juice over

4. drizzle a bit of vanilla

5. add in some coconut oil

6. top with some almond flour coconut flour and chopped nuts ( I used some that I had ready from my paleo porridge)

7. throw in as much cinnamon as you like… don’t be shy

8. add in a little water

I sprinkled some more cinnamon… and possibly a few raisins..

Bombi wanted some too...

His poor little tail wagging in hope…


warmup : dips, overhead squats, shoulder mobility, pull ups, hip flexor stretch in a circuit… then glute bridges and glute kickbacks


-single leg deadlifts

– half burpees supersetted with med ball twists

– step up to squat

– shoulder press

– tabata ROW

– tabata pullup to pushup

Then I spent a long time rolling ย a barbell on my leg for muscle release… PAIN.

But what a happy thought… I swear a little fairy dust and I would have been up up and away… APPLE CRUMBLE waiting!!!!!!!

I got home, popped it into the over for about as long as it took to warm up and eat chicken and veggies…

Perhaps it won’t win any beauty competitions… but DAMN does this tastes good. Sadly it didn;t last too long.

You should probably go make this now. In fact I think I might just go make it now too.

Happpyyy dayyyy