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Hello! And happy Monday!

Isn’t it awesome when you spend the morning doing odds and ends and when you get home you notice a huge stain on your butt?? Ye.. I love it when that happens.

This is not the first time this has happened to me…for the love of God this must STOP!

Before I get on to the thrilling task of writing an assignment on counter-transference… here is one of my FAVOURITE lunches.

I kept the cabbage leaves whole as they had a nice bowl shape to them. I mashed up some avocado, fresh parsley and lemon juice, chopped up spinach, tomato and red pepper and threw it all into the cabbage bowl! Then I added in some minced meat that I had cooked the day before, chopped in a bit more fresh parsley and finished it off with some more red pepper.

My dog LOVES red pepper and purple cabbage.

Happy day