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HI guys!

So yesterday I did a pretty hectic Wod… I did Murph. For those of you who aren;t familiar with crossfit and the different Wods…well Murph is:

1.5 km run

100 pullups

100 squats

100 pushups

1.5km run

I did it in 45 mins and 30 seconds… !! I was really happy with that time especially as I can’t remeber the last time I ran AND  I didn;t break the pullups/ squats/ pushups up into sets… I did them straight through. Next I will do 5 rounds of 20/20/20 and see if I can get a faster time.

Anyway the point of that whole story was to say that today I thought I would do a circuit with mostly bodyweight exercises and not push too hard.

I did this:

* renegade row ( 2 x10kg dumbells) 10 reps

* santana pushups 10 reps

* squat up squat down 10 reps (thats 20 squats in total- squat jump onto a bench then squat jump back down- thats 1 rep)

* bent over rows ( I used a barbell with 2 x 5kg plates) 12 reps

* thrusters with 2 x 10kg dumbells 8 reps

* side lunge squat jump combo 10 reps ( left side lunge, right side lunge, squat jump=1 rep)

and I went through that circuit 4 times. I took minimal breaks… pretty much a water break inbetween rounds and that was it.

So…. one of two things.

1. Or I underestimated the workout

2. Or I was so fatigued after Murph that this seemed hard….

But whatever the case was this circuit was TOUGH!!! The sweat was pouring, I was red faced, huffing and puffing… just what I needed to kick start the week! I highly recommend giving it a try!

I ended with a few clean and jerks and some muscle release work. I have pretty much given up foam rolling… I have a new favourite method: OLYMPIC BAR ROLLING!!!! If you don;t know mobilityWOD yet… I highly suggest you check it out! I was in so much pain rolling the bar on my quad I had THREE people come and ask me if I was ok. Next time I’ll do it discreetly in the corner..

So I made this the other morning:

Baked apple ( cinnamon, raisins, walnuts and water into the oven)

Topped with chia seed and strawberry mush

What a winner.

Happy week everyone