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My roomate gets so annoyed with me when I call things what they aren;t.

I make chocolate almond butter cups and he says ITS NOT CHOCOLATE! Stop calling it chocolate when its not.

I made cauliflower rice and he was like… its CAULIFLOWER not rice!

My next mission is to paleofy( thats a word) Sachlav. And if you don’t know what sachlav is then I feel sorry for you. When I told him I was going to made sachlav without using the proper sachlav ingredients he had a fit! ‘You CAN’T it just won’t be sachlav.. it will be something else!’

hmm challenge accepted…

So when I told him I made butter chicken.. he just rolled his eyes. BUT when it came to the taste test…. I wasn;t hearing any complaints.

So before I get to the recipe I just wanted to say that today is my baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!!

And now I should REALLY get back to writing my assignments… But before I do here is a great recipe for you!


-Organic coconut milk ( trust me.. the one with all manner of man-made rubbish in it just DOES NOT taste good and doesn;t get nice and thick)

-chicken breasts

– tomato paste

– masala powder

– tumeric




– Freshly squeezed orange

I cooked it all up on the stove top and it came out DELICIOUS.

With steamed brocolli and salad

with streamed brocolli and cauliflower mash

with roasted veggies