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Happy week everyone!

I made one of THE MOST amazing dinners I have had in a loonnnnggg time. and by that I mean since my stuffed butternut which was only a few days ago.

Before I went to train today I whipped up a big batch of stir-fry chicken.

Into the pan went some veggies, coconut oil, chicken ( I cut it into very uneven cubes), LOTS of ginger, low sodium soya sauce, chilli and a can of coconut milk. So simple yet SO GOOD. You could add garlic in I suppose.. if thats how you like to roll. I don’t.

I packed 4 servings away in tupperware ( if you plan to succeed you must succeed to plan- jeezz so lame ( but true) ) and kept one of for post WOD.

But when I got home I decided to do something a little different with the portion I left in the pan:

1. I poured most of the coconut milk out into the other 4 tupperwares

2.  grate 1/4 cauliflower…suddenly you’ve got rice!

3. crack an egg into and smush it all up ( i was debating this.. eating chicken and eggs in the same meal? i felt kinda bad. After all I was vegetarian for 15 years. Oh well.. then I thought it was kosher so I guess if God doesn;t mind then I don’t mind)

4. add in more soya sauce ( if you want)

And you have one of the most delicious dinners EVER.