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What a boring blog title for the most NOT BORING dinner ever.

This is one of those dinners you need to have twice in a row and then make a variation of it for breakfast too.

What a mess. But such a tasty mess.

I baked the butternet whole, it was a really little one, then cut it in half and added in minced meat (I had some pre-made in the fridge. I love it when I’m organised.. only wish the same organisation I have with food would spill over into my studying..nevermind).

Once the meat was added I cracked over two eggs… you can only see one yolk here because the first one very elegantly slid off the butternut and turned into a smush that you can see around the bottom. ( which I scraped off with a spoon and ate.. so ladylike)

Then add whatever veggies you want to be roasted and put back into the oven.

And if you want a breakfast variation…

Salad + Meat + egg = breakfast of champions.

Happy day