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So I have discovered a few things over the last few days:

1. where the missing sock goes…

2. modern day miracles DO OCCUR!!!

I was at the Jerusalem central bus station, as always: tired and grumpy with dog in tow on a thursday night, when some idiot came and lit up a cigarette right next to me.

A few things..

-I don’t tolerate smoking/ smokers and cause a scene ( and have been doing so since i was about ten years old clearly some things you just don’t grow out of) when they take over my clean air

– trying to get a seat on bus 947 on a thursday night is a skill ( doing it with a dog in tow is a greater skill)

– if you wait inside chances are you won’t get a seat (and standing with a dog is no fun), which leaves waiting outside your only chance and unfortunately thats where the smokers go.

why they think its ok to smoke outside ( which is not really outside- its still the bus station – i feel like this makes no sense?? atleast Yerushalmim will understand what i’m on about) when there are very clear no smoking signs all over is a mystery to me.

But back to my story- I was waiting patiently like any good anglo-saxon when some idiot lights up a cigarette. I was JUST about to wave my hand dramatically and grunt and glare and stare ( whilst still waving the smoke away furiously) when out of NOWHERE.. like a golden angel decending from heaven appeared a SMOKING OFFICER. He told the disgusting offenders to put out their cigarettes. I nearly gave him a hug. I said to him: don’t you move!! you stay right here next to me until the bus  comes.

And when I told this story to my friend Dani she said she think I found my dream job… shouting at people for smoking and getting paid for it!

But onto the meatballs. This is a recipe I’ve been meaning to share for awhile.

So I thought I was onto a winner with my granny’s recipe… but I just took it to a whole new level with the addition of cumin seeds and corriander seeds.

I added them ( the meatballs not the seeds ) to a tomato and broccolli sauce with zucchini pasta… SO GOOD.

*disclaimer- really bad photo. It was taken about 4 hours after my dog broke my nose.

And if you feel like some dessert?

Happy eating