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When I was a kid I could never remember how to spell dessert. desert or dessert? And then my mom told me you always want more dessert so it gets a double ‘s’.

And it stuck.

As did my want for more dessert.

What is about to follow is a MAJOR fail in patience.

Chocolate = coconut oil + half mashed banana + vanilla + cocoa powder

I never use exact measurements I kinda just scrape out the oil ( its solid in the fridge) until it looks like I have enough. I let it thaw out and mashed in the banana, cocoa powder and a few drops of vanilla

Put your chocolate into little cuppy cake holders and pop them into the freezer.

Spoon out some almond butter onto the chocolate base

I did one almond butter and one blueberry/strawberry/chia/ cinnamon mush cup

Then pop back into the freezer… ( I left this step out. OOPS.)

Then when its a little more solid add another layer of chocolate and put back into the freezer

Ok so I had mine in the freezer for about 5 minutes before I couldn't wait any longer...

So I ate that one and decided to WAIT PATIENTLY for the next one to be ready.

Patience is a virtue…

Of which I have none.

Who doesn’t love a gooey chocolatey berry-y mess?

These were SO delicious despite the fact that they weren’t actually ready when I ate them.

Anyways I did this WOD yesterday:

150 air squats

2k row

150 air squats

Thats all.. and if you think thats the end of my dessert recipes you are greatly mistaken.

Happy HAPPY day