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Finally I am back with a new recipe.. and I have TONS more to come.

So today is a really special day….!!!

Its the last day I have to wear my ankle brace 🙂

( Ha bet you thought I was going to say valentine’s day… nah thats a dumb thing. really.. not just coz I’m single. Even for the last 3 valentine’s days when I wasn’t single I still thought it was dumb.. ) and clearly so did this person:

Anyways So I have learnt over the last week and a bit that INTERNET IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.  We were internetless for a whole week!!! How selfish of our neighbours to have had their network disappear from the building ( 🙂 ). Anyways its back now, … as is the hot water- thats another story.

But I am sure you’re not interested… all you want is the food right? Well here it is…

you’ll notice I ate an edge as it came out the oven…

So I should just say… this is probably hands down THE BEST cake I have EVER made. Quite the bold statement.

But its true.

I had been planning a chocolate orange version of my cavewoman cake for awhile.. but i came across this recipe  and as luck would have it.. i just happened to have two sweet potatoes baking in the oven! How about that as a sign from the heaven’s above????

1 baked sweet potato ( no skin.. that you can eat while waiting for the cake to bake)

1 and a bit tbs organic cocoa powder

a small handful of coconut flour

a little bit of coconut oil

3 egg whites

1 whole egg


baking powder

grate in some orange zest

squeeze in some orange juice

( if you want you can add in some sort of sweetner… for the me the vanilla and orange was enough)

bake in the oven… again i have no idea for how long.. till it looks about right.

And that, sprinkled with coconut, was breakfast.

Happy day!!!

train hard 🙂



p.s I feel so grown up.. I put eye drops in my OWN EYE yesterday!!!