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So last night the ONLY thing I wanted was eggs, banana and blueberries. Nothing else would do.

Scrambled banana, eggs, blueberries in coconut oil with almond butter drizzled on top.

As much as I love my Chinese vitamin chicken.. it was time to (literally) spice things up.

Into the chinese vitamin chicken mix went tumeric ( obviously…. check out that yellow!!! Not sure how it is I’m Ashkenazi… at heart I’m Mizrachi and the fact that Dudu Aharon is on repeat ( pretty sure my roomates hate me)  as I type this is proof)

Then I added in cinnamon.. just for kicks. And it came out SO FREAKING GOOD… oh the options are endless…

Add in some veggies, sprinkle with coconut and you’re good to go!


Add into a salad, through in some avocado and blueberries and life suddenly seems all rosey again.

Ok.. I’m off to study – er- not sure what really. Something to do with reading? and writing? dislexia? is that how you even spell it? Perhaps I should have concentrated more in my sunday 8.30am class instead of marvelling over this and that oohh and this one… oh dear.. yallah bye.