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Sad story 😦

I had this baby all ready to go in the fridge….

So this photo wasn;t ever going to be uploaded to anywhere… its terrible! But sadly soon after this photo was taken- my beautiful jar FELL ON THE FLOOR and BROKE. I had just taken it out to inspect.. not quite sure why I felt the need to inspect.. what was I expecting to find in there?? Other then berries, chia, flax, CASHEW BUTTER and cinnamon..

it was supposed to be my pre-workout snack in the afternoon  ( the tradgedy occured in the morning) so I had to do some quick thinking.. and made this chocolate mousse instead:

Tea and chocolate.. the only way to recover from a broken (jar) heart and the BEST study buddy.

Actually- no

Best study buddy ❤

Anyways… this comes a close second:

1/4 avocado

a bit of vanilla

a bit of stevia

2 tsp organic cocoa powder

all mushed together

add in blueberries and you have a perfect little afternoon snack 🙂

happy day