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Hi guys!

I have a new favourite breakfast to add to my list! I came across this recipe by chance because I was not looking to subsitute oatmeal at all. I just went on a few days ago about how I don;t miss oatmeal AT ALL!!

It looked interesting.. and lets face it a bowl of porridge does do the soul good on a blustery winter’s morning.

Looks like oatmeal… Has an oatmeal-y texture, warm like oatmeal, doesn;t exactly taste like oatmeal but tastes pretty amazing AND kept me going a whole lot LONGER then oatmeal. Again.. I have no idea how long I plan to keep going with paleo and I dont want to label myself and say this is how I will eat forEVER…but for now I cant really find any good reason to not keep eating Paleo.

In my notemeal bowl:

1/4 cup ground up pecans and walnuts

a TON of cinnamon

1 small mashed banana

2tsp almond butter

1/3 cup almond milk

1tbsp chia seeds


2 egg whites

1 whole egg

First I mixed together the eggs and almond milk ( I made my own by adding 1tbsp almond butter to 1/3 cup of water) and chia seeds

Then I mashed up the banana, added in vanilla, a bit of almond butter and some cinnamon

Then I mixed the two together, added in the nuts and poured it all into a little pot and cooked it up until it looked about done!

To finish I added cinnamon ( I LOVE the stuff) and blueberries.