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Hi guys!

I had a last little drop of almond butter left in the jar… so the natural thing to do OBVIOUSLY- was to run out and get some more. ASAP. this was Friday afternoon and because all the shops close for Shabbat I was in a panic I would have to go a whole 24 hours with no almond butter. But before that…

Blueberries, strawberries, chia seeds and ground flax with a bit of water went into the jar… topped with a LOT of cinnamon. I  let it sit for awhile…

then i added some almond butter on top – nevermind there already was some at the bottom…sssshhh

Although nothing quite fills my heart with quite so much love as this little boy

After the jar of heaven I went off to the gym to do this WOD:

50 box jumps

50 jumping pullups

50 kettle bell swings

50 knees to elbow

50 thrusters

50 walking lunges

50 push press

50 back extenstions

50 burpees

50 jump tuck

I did it in 30 mins and 40 secs… I was kinda aiming for under 30 minutes but then when I thought about it, the night before I slept 5 hours and the night before that I think if I was lucky- I slept 3. I was pretty much a walking zombie and forced myself to do the workout… because you always feel better after a workout right??!!

Next time I WILL get under 3omins!

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

What did you get up to??

Have an AMAZING week