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Never thought I’d see the day….

Bye Bye oatmeal. its been real… we had some awesome mornings together. Sadly it just wasn;t working out….

Whats taken your place??


Chicken, spinach, avo and olives

Breakfast tacos

eggs, avo and veggies

Chicken and avo salad

nutella cavewoman cake


lots of food for a little girl 🙂

So when I decided to try paleo I had in mind that I would keep in oatmeal. I just didnt think I could live without it. Turns out I can.. and I don;t miss it one bit. I actually prefer all these breakfasts. They are much more substantial and keep me going a whole lot longer. This is not to say I’ll NEVER eat oatmeal again or that I will keep doing Paleo FOREVER.. if i want oatmeal I’ll eat it. I’m just kinda surprised at how much I don’t miss it.

Today I did a shoulder workout and along with dumbell flips and a 1000m row.. i added in this tabata at the end… HIGHLY recommended!!

– Snatch

– front squat

I used a really light weight.. just a 15kg bar with no added weight. It was such a great little insert to the workout. Try it and let me know how it goes!!

I have such a bad case of the Saturday night blues… 5.15am wake up tomorrow 😦 all for the most boring class on the face of the earth. So boring I don;t even know whats its about.. something about reading and writing. I really have no clue- i spent most of the class on skype chat with my mom. Bless technology.

Have a GREAT week everyone!!