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Hi guys,

yesterday Bombi and I had a super fun day with our two best friends ( one human and one not).

dog smush… Bombi and Teddy playing in the fields on the way to our destination

look at my doggy go on one leg!!!

I was getting so annoyed at the dog in the middle, he kept inteferring in all my photos! Kinda like the random at a party who gets in all your pics or your cousin’s boyfriend who appears in your family reuinion pics ( and then they break up 2 weeks later ). My friend told me to stop being a dog snob

Here is my little angel making his way into the ocean.. straight into the light, he is my little light ❤

And when we got back home…

sleeping beauties


This was my plyometric based workout I did tonight:

warmup and glute activation

– step ups with a side lift

-sumo bench squats ( stand with your feet over the bench , squat down and jump both your feet together up on the bench, jump squat back down and repeat) supersetted with weighted straight leg deadlifts

-jump squat onto a bench into a push up

– weighted back lunges super setted with jump lunges

-goblet squat supersetted with one of my FAVOURITE MOVES- squat up onto a step and squat back down- so basically you are continuosly doing squat jumps going higher to lower. one jump up and down is 1 rep


I am working on a post that deals with my training philosophy, the exercises I believe are amazing, exercises I think are DUMB and its going to include posing photos.. kinda embarassing.. but its all to prove a point! So look out for that 🙂

Happy week