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There really are no words to describe just how much I didnt want to work out yesterday.

I went to bed late the night before, woke up late the next morning… accomplished a grand total of NOTHING that was on my to do list and it left me feeling kinda down. On top of it all its freezing cold and raining. and I have no car. Going to the gym is not really want I wanted to be doing.

This is what I wanted to be doing…

Snuggle buggling with my doggy.


I have said it before and I will say it again…

you can make EXCUSES or you can make it HAPPEN!!

So I drank one cup of green tea and one cup of turkish coffee, bundled myself up and off I went to do a back workout:

warm up and shoulder mobility exercises and then:

-clean and jerk practice


– 1 arm cable pulldowns

– 1 arm dumbell row ( 16kg)

– bent over row with 2 10kg plates

-seated cable row

that was it πŸ™‚

It took me over and hour.. because the gym instructor would not STOP TALKING. how annoying is that???

Today I did a shoulder workout… even though I was a little fatigued from the clean and jerks yesterday:

warm up. shoulder mobility exercises

-dive bomber pushups

-lateral side raises

– horizontal rope pull

-shoulder press ( 2 x 10kg)

I did this AWESOME little circuit using the rowing machine:

250m row 20 pushups 250m row 20 pushups 250m row 20 pushups 250m row

and to finish a few ab exercises… twists with a 10kg plate and a few sets of toes to bar ( hang off a bar like you’re going to do hanging leg raises and instead you bring your toes to touch the bar)

So I have mentioned before I keep a workout log, I write all my weights, sets and reps. I plan every workout in advance… some times I actually write out the whole week of workouts and that way I have my plan and I stick to it!

This is what my workout book looks like:

hmm on second thought… this wins the worst photo award, never mind my cavewoman cake

So basically I write up 5 days of workouts, 1 day yoga and 1 day off, over the two pages and I also leave room for my meals. That way I can keep track of what is working for me and what is not.

This was lunch today… steamed veggies and tilapia

Tomorrow is my day off ( I skipped class today so I switched my rest day to Friday and worked out today!) and I’ll be back on Saturday with a breakfast recipe and my plyometric leg workout πŸ™‚

Train Hard!!!!!!!!!!!