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Good morning!

Today started off rather colourfully….


Oops… I kinda like just told you the end of a movie or read the last page of a book before the first.

lets back up shall we…

If you’ve been following my blog you know that I really don’t have that much time to cook. I just am crazy busy ( like most people) but I will also NOT COMPROMISE on my health and fitness. This breakfast took me really quick to make. The only part that actually took a bit of time was cooking the turkey. If you have a whole bunch pre-made ( like I do now!) it can take even quicker!

Step 1: cook turkey strips in coconut oil and lemon juice

step 2: mash avocado, fresh parsley and chopped tomato

step 3: layer up: cabbage leaf, spinach leaf and gaucomole

step 4: add in turkey ( and extra tomato )

step 5: wrap it up and chop up any left over veggies to have as a salad.