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HI guys!

So I mentioned a few posts ago I was giving paleo a try. Now I am pretty sure I am not doing it properly because the hardcore paleo-ers are all into intermittent fasting and 3 huge meals a day. Maybe because I am so used to eating 6 times a day or maybe just coz I am a little piggy… I just can;t do 3 meals a day. Even if they are big enough to keep me going till the next one- I like eating. So I’m splitting up the 3 big meals into 6.

This was meal 1 today:

I think this gets worst photo award.

1/8 cup almond flour

a drizzle of water

baking powder

grated zucchini

4 egg whites

half mashed banana


cocoa powder

BAKE in the oven……..

this was the hugest experiment! I had no idea what to expect and if it was going to hold together at all! It came out beautiful and then kinda poofed down. My big mistake was that I made it last night and then was in a rush to go to bed and get it packed for the morning. I wrapped it up while it was still a bit warm.. so this morning it was very liquidy.. and i wasnt sure if it was from the excess water in the zucchini or from condensation. That being said, it held pretty well and tasted good!!!

I made this one yesterday:

1/4 cup almond flour



bit of water

baking powder


3 egg whites and 1 whole egg

I ate it with a friend straight out of the oven, piping hot!!

Today’s workout: Chest focus

warmup, shoulder mobility and stretches


– 50 santana pushups

– 50 jump tuck to walk over pushups ( so jump tuck, down into a pushup, walkover into another pushup and thats 1 rep)

-flyes ( 2 x 8kg ) supersetted with close grip bench press ( 15kg bar with 2 x 5kg plates)

– dumbell press 2 x15kg dumbell

– plyometric pushups- 4 sets to failure

– tricep dips: I do them off the parallel bars and I was so fatigued by this point I only managed 3 sets of 6 reps

Then just to end off I flipped a 35kg dumbell around the gym 3 times- MAN does that give your whole body a good workout. It also kinda gets you a lot of attention/ weird stares… just a little warning.

train hard 🙂

Happy day