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HI guys!

I thought I would show you a sample day of the clean eating lifestyle.

3 things first…

1. I change up what I eat daily so don’t take this to be what I eat every day, all the time… its just one day!

2. I am playing around with the way I am eating…  carb timing, trying out a bit of paleo ( not 100% paleo because I don’t feel like eating a specific way ALL THE TIME is mentally healthy and I prefer to listen to my body and do what feels right for it)

3. please don;t judge me or YOURSELF!

SO: with my disclaimer out the way

Breakfast/ meal 1

HUGE salad, hidden away is spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, 4 egg whites and 1 whole egg and a few walnuts

Meal 2:

Salad and 3 small meatballs ( i didnt take a photo so this picture is not an accurate depiction.. and is recycled from an older post!)

Lunch/ meal 3

chicken and spinach salad

meal 3 continued in bed with a paper on  ‘an attatchment perspective on animal assisted therapy’

seeds, raisins, green tea

this is what my dog had to say about the paper….

EATING this paper is a much better idea then reading.... if she wants to know about animal assisted therapy why doesn;t she just ask me??? I'm the dog here right? i do all the therapy work anyways.

meal 4- pre workout

1/4 c oats, 2 egg whites, blueberries, oranic cocoa powder, tsp peanut butter

finished oatmeal 😦 , big mug of turkish coffee ( i don't add sweetner- just personal taste), ANOTHER paper- this time the rivetting subject of countertransferance

WORKOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today I did Crossfit’s WOD ANGIE… I really love crossfit- even though I’ve only been twice…and because I can;t get there on a regular basis I’m just going to incorporate some WODs into my weekly schedule.

So Angie is:

100 pullups

100 squats

100 pushups

100 situps

for time.

I did it in 29 mins 55 secs

Then I did a few clean and jerks , stretches and HOME

meal 5: Dinner, post workout

Chicken, veggies and a pomelo and green tea number 8 ( that could be an under exaggeration… I drank a TON of green tea today)

Thats it 🙂

A few thoughts.. I really am enjoying not eating so many grains. I am never hungry… the only time I was REALLLLY hungry today was when I woke up. I feel light and have great energy the whole day. I don’t think paleo is for me, but I am happy with the way I am feeling and my training is AWESOME.




Has anyone tried paleo?