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Hi guys!

When I was little I used to LOVE my granny’s meatballs. Its been 18 years since I have had them though because I became vegetarian at the tender age of 10, became unvegeterian at the less tender age of 26 and the last time I saw my granny ( because we now live in different countries 😦 ) meatballs were not exactly top priority…. playing cards, eating fry’s mint chocolate and drinking copious amounts of tea kinda got in the way.

I did ask her what the recipe was though!!!

So here is my CLEAN EATING version of my beautiful granny’s meatballs

500g lean mince meat

1 grated carrot

1 grated green apple

TONS of fresh parsley


a little bit of tomato paste

1 egg

ready for the oven

Into the oven..again I am a disaster with timing… so when they looked about right I took them out… and ate 3. DELICIOUS.

Feel free to add salt if you like it.

Meal number 2: ( yeah I got some weird looks eating meatballs at 10am…)

Thanks granny