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Hey everyone!

So I have mentioned before that I work in a home for disabled people. During dinner time we hand out medication for those who need it and a few who take supplements get them at this time too. One of the residents, the youngest one, always says, ‘ I need my vitamin Sini’

She takes vitamin C, it doens;t matter how many times I tell her “vitamin C…she still says sini…. and this always makes me giggle because in Hebrew Sini means Chinese.

So here you go…. Chinese Vitamin chicken:

1 kg chicken breast

1 orange- squeeze all the juice out over the chicken- you can’t really tell but the chicken here is drowing in orange juice and pulp!

chilli (optional)

Bake until cooked!

I think I kinda stole this recipe from my mom… Again ( like most of my family meat recipes) its been years since I ate of my mom’s meat recipes because I was vegetarian for so many years, so I can;t really remember how it goes. But I think orange juice and tomato was involved?

anyways….: YUM

I cooked up a whole batch, individually wrapped some and popped them into the freezer , some in the fridge… and I’m good to go for about a week.