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Hi everyone!

If you are looking for a quick and easy clean eating lunch that is packed with tons of vitamins, iron, is delicious and filling then this is for you:

Meat strips cooked in coconut oil and fresh parsley with green beans, red pepper and yellow pepper.

THATS it… so delish!

I am not a big fan of salt but I guess you can add some if you want. This was so plain and simply delicious.

My roomate had had friends over the night before and they made SUCH A MESS in the kitchen and didn;t clean up… so I had no plate to eat this off…

if you wanna know why its a robot lunch… ask a South African.

This leg workout was from last Friday…my second last workout of 2011!! and the gym instructor told me I was a beast, saw the expression on my face and added in… a feminine beast!

As always I warm up, do some dynamic stretching and a few sets of glute bridges and supermans for glute activation.

the workout:

* deadlifts

* front loaded back lunges

* step up with a side leg lift

TABATA: goblet squat and side to side lunge jumps

*bench stradle jumps supersetted with pushups and then same knee to same elbow ( so one pushup then knee to elbow on each side)

I ended with 12 minutes of interval training:

3 rounds of the following 4 exercises, 45 seconds on 15 seconds off:

– plank climbers with feet elevated ( plank position and you go up from your elbows onto your hands- you switch from plank position to push up position)

– deficit lunge left leg

-deficit lunge right leg

( basically these are back lunges with your front foot elevated)

– weighted burpees