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Hi guys!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.

My day got off to a great start when I spotted this on my way home from work this morning:

Yesterday I had such a great day because I actually scheduled in all the things I needed to do in my diary ( er.. isnt that what you’re meant to do with a diary anyway?? I just realised…) and STUCK to it!!

When I got back from my internship:

3pm -walk doggy

4pm: food prep and clean the house ( my part atleast and to my dismay when I got home from my night shift this morning it was clear that I was the only  one who stuck to ‘Monday cleaning day’)

5pm: write up reports of the therapy sessions I did that morning

6pm: yoga


Part of my food prep was this baby:

Sweet potato pie

SUCH an easy clean recipe…

1/4 cup oats

1 x the smallest sweet potato the ever was ( i guess if you can’t find a teeny tiny one a 1/4 cup will do)

some dried coconut


3 egg whites

2 drops of stevia ( not the biggest fan but since i’ve run out of vanilla like a million months ago and keep forgetting to buy more,  a small amount of stevia doesnt offend me and kinda does the trick)

TONS of cinnamon

I baked it until it was ready and let it cool. wrapped it up all ready to go the next morning for meal number 2 after work and before Uni.

packed and ready to go..

OK so I ate it on the bus… i was hungry! My first meal had been 3 hours earlier, 6am- at work, egg whites, before I woke up my residents from their beauty sleep.

On a different note…

Every year I think its a good idea to buy a woolly hat and every year I land up hating it, looking like a dork, wearing it once and then somehow it disappears…perhaps to the land of the missing sock. No idea what possessed me to get yet ANOTHER one… but this one I kinda like.

Happy happy day 🙂

I have an A-W-E-S-O-M-E leg workout to share with you guys and some recipes ( even one thats not chicken!) so get EXCITED!!!!!!!!



Do you plan out everything you need to get done for the day?? and actually stick to it??