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Hi guys!

2012!!! Crazy crazy… !

I hope you all had a great new year’s eve. One of the little joys of living in Israel is that the whole Christmas/ new years is just a regular time for us. We celebrate our own new year around September and Christmas.. well.. we’re Jewish so clearly no celebrating there. We do eat a lot of doughnuts for Channukah though. Anyways so I spent my new year’s eve.. at the gym, walking the dog, food prep for the next day and I was in bed before 12 and up at 5.20 to make my 8.30am class the next day!

It is SO DAMN COLD in the mornings and the only incentive to get me out of bed is knowing I have a baked oatmeal to munch on when I get to class. This morning I had this beauty:

It was a really simple recipe

1/4 cup oats


3 egg whites 1 whole egg

1 chopped apple

a few raisins

baking powder

a TON of cinnamon

into the oven until it looked about right 🙂

green tea and baked oatmeal... perfect start to 2012!

SO… you go to the gym and you eat healthy… right? but for some reason you’re not seeing the results you want?

My two tips to get the results you want and DESERVE- for putting in all the hard work in the gym are:

1.Keep a FOOD DIARY!!! it could be you are eating too much of your healthy food OR even eating too little! The best thing to do is to keep a FOOD DIARY and track what you’re eating and then you can tweak things.  If you keep track of when you are eating and what you are eating you will have a much better idea of what is going on and perhaps why you are not seeing the results you want.

2. KEEP A WORKOUT LOG!!!!!!!!!!

(and tip number 3 would be KEEP IT OUT OF REACH OF YOUR DOG- sad story really. i wont go into it)

Keep a workout log… track your workouts, PLAN your workouts, you need to continually PROGRESS. there is no point going into the gym and doing the same thing all the time, same exercises, same weights, same reps, same sets. I have gone on and on in the past about mixing things up but to keep a record of what you do is so important. That way you can continuously improve on each training session.

There you go… my top tips.

Oh… and one more:

Have a GREAT 2012 filled with love, health, happiness and FUN