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Its almost 2012… how did that happen?? I’m not ready to turn 28 yet.. make the time stop please. Time just flies..which doesnt leave much room for cooking and preparing and sticking to your healthy eating. But things always seem a lot harder (and dramatic) then they are. Thats one of life’s little lessons I’ve learnt along the way- after almost 28 years of building up dramas in my head for no reason I have figured out that 9/10 times things always seems worse in your head than they actually are in reality. Don’t get me wrong… I am still a drama queen… but perhaps a little less?? maybe not.

The point is:

Eating clean and healthy food sounds a lot more difficult/ boring/ time consuming than it actually is.

NO EXCUSES!!!!!!! This dinner is SO quick and easy to make:

In a pan:

Coconut oil, cauliflower, yellow pepper, sliced tomato, zucchini strips ( peeled), fresh parsley, chopped ginger, LEMON JUICE, paprika

let the veggies cook for a bit and then add in whatever fish you want ( Iused tilapia).

Cover it up and let everything steam itself away into a delicious, healthy, clean, QUICK dinner that will keep both your taste buds and phsyique happy.

It didnt make the camera too happy… not exactly the most photogenic dinner.


I am off to the gym.. I’ll have a workout for you soon 🙂