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That really is SO TRUE. Yesterday the last thing I felt like doing was going to the gym. I had done a really heavy leg workout the day before, got very little sleep the night before.. and had a ridiculously early start the next day.

But you can either MAKE IT HAPPEN or MAKE EXCUSES… right??!!

So I decided to make it happen..!

I did somethiing I pretty much NEVER do- long slow cardio, for 30 mins. Yuck. But it got me nicely warmed up, got my heart rate up and gave me a little bit of energy for this really great circuit:

* bosu ball pushups into overhead press x 10

* weighted jump jacks with a shoulder press x 20

* weighted burpees ( on the jump up I spun around in the air to face the other direction) x 12

I did that 3 times and went straight into 1 pull up 1 push up for 30 reps

Next were pushups with a 10kg plate on my back 🙂

and somewhere in the middle of all that I did weighted plank crawls: start off in a plank position with  dumbells in your hands, your feet on a towel or something that slides and then crawl forward with your hands and your feet should trail behind you, your whole body should be straight and not swing from side to side… basically your arms carry your body forward.

This was my cooler for today:

oats, half banana, greek yogurt, blueberries, chia seeds, ground flaxseed and a HUGE black coffee

old photo.. sorry! veggies and two eggs that didn;t make it to the photoshoot in time 🙂

tuna salad with avocado, black olive and feta

4pm... not the easiest thing to eat on a bus with a dog on your lap.. I prevailed!

this was a little easier….

What gets you motivated when working out is the LAST thing on your mind??

Happy training everyone 🙂