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Hi guys,

Today I did another great chest workout:

* bench press

* elevated pushups

* bosu pushups into over head press ( not heavy but it gets the blood flowing and the legs working if you really squat deep when you get up and down)

* dumbell press

* cable cross-overs ( haven;t done this in YEARS)

* Weighted tricep dips (with a 10kg plate)

* planks on a swiss ball with alternate knee to elbows

* flyes

After that.. post workout meal was in order!!

sweet potato, chicken a lot of salad.. πŸ™‚

Is there anything more annoying then being INJURED??? perhaps flu.. but pretty much.. no. An injury can really put a spanner in your workout works…

i have ankle tendonitis 😦 now i have to wear a sexy brace. oh i just noticed you can;t really see it properly in this pic. never mind.

The good thing is that the rude orthopaed said I can keep training, but I have been doing less plyometics and will take it easy for awhile.

Injuries come with the territory unfortunately.. I’ve had tons… messed up knee that prevented me from WALKING for 3 months… let alone even think about working out, shoulder injuries, muscles strains, foot injuries ( ooooops still ran a half marathon though- well I was meant to do the full and flew INTERNATIONAL to do it- I thought a half was a good compromise!).

What to do when you are injured??? try work your way around it – like when my foot was injured I did a lot of swimming and running in the water. I also did spinning. It worked the same muscles in a similar way, but I kept off my foot.

The best thing to do is to give the body the rest it needs and learn for the next time.

Now I am older and wiser (Ha!), I know to take it easy if I feel a twinge. I used to push through if I felt a tingle or a twinge..like with my knee. I have only myself to blame for that injury. I felt it wasn;t right one day on a run and I had 2ks to go.. and I just kept going. If I had stopped running… hmmm no point in what ifs…

Listening to your body is so important. Taking time off or stopping, not pushing that extra little bit if you feel something is off WILL NOT make a difference in the long run to your fitness… in fact it might just save it from disaster!!!!!!! These are also really important to try and AVOID injury in the first place:Β Corrective training, stretching, massage, foam rolling, WARMING UP… Don’t mess around with your body…!!

Happy training πŸ™‚