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Well it kinda serves me right…

my roomate was sniffling and i went on about how I am hardly ever sick and that I was pretty sure it was all down to my green tea, chia seeds, veggies etc

I AM NOT JOKING…. an hour after my speech my throat started to get all scratchy. I started to panic… oh NO not FLU. Anyways I was on my way to work and spent the entire time wrapped in a scarf ( i swear– i just went totally blank on how to spell that word, hmm kinda scary) and downing endless cups of tea.

Anyways… its now two and a half days later and while I’m not at death’s door.. I am by no means healthy and its really ANNOYING.  Full time studying+ full time working and Flu DO NOT go hand in hand. And I want to train.. but I won’t. So Instead I’ve been eating  drinking lots of honey in my tea and doing some food prep:

as always... chicken and veggies -ignore the messy kitchen!

baked chicken drowned in lemon juice and chilli

baked apple oatmeal, patiently waiting to be baked.

This baked oatmeal has:

2 tbsp buckweat flour and 1/8 cup of oats

3 egg whites

cottage cheese



a bit of water

baking powder

a bit of coconut oil: veggies, wakame, tilapia in soy sauce and chilli


Lately I have been going back to traditional bodybuilding style training. I Will keep this up for another two weeks and then go back to my full body metabolic style workouts.

This is a GREAT chest workout.. if bodybuilding style is .. your style!


3 sets of 10-12 reps:

– bench press ( i did 4 sets)

– pushups with legs elevated

– dumbell press



-tricep dips ( i CAN”T do 10-12 reps..!! usually between 6-8 and on the last set.. 4 reps!)

-close grip bench press ( really gets a burn in the triceps!) supersetted with plyometric pushups

STRETCH …and if I had a foam roller… foam rolling!! It is so important to release the muscles and work on the soft tissue.

I moved gyms about 2 months ago (again!) and my new gym doesn’t have a foam roller… NOOOOO

foam rolling!! totally weird pic... this I took ages ago in my old gym

So I’ve been doing a lot of self massage with arnica oil… not quite the same. But it will have to do for now.

Right I am off to make cup of tea number 8 for the day.

Happy day 🙂