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HI guys. Hope everyone is training HARD and eating clean ( most of the time)

Here are some quick and healthy things I’ve been making lately:

Tofu and egg veggie bake

Buckwheat zucchini bake

so good!!

3 tbsp buckwheat flour

3 egg whites

grated zucchini

half mashed banana

a few cranberries


carob powder

baking powder


bake..until cooked- not sure when that is! you know your oven πŸ™‚

This was my leg workout from yesterday:

warmup and stretches and then:

* deficit back lunge- off a step

* stand-kneel-stand with a medicine ball – basically go from kneeling to standing for 15 reps then switch leading leg

* deadlifts

*glute bridges

* front loaded back lunges

* sumo squat with a 3o kg dumbell supersetted with a half burpee to deadlift with the same dumbell

then to finish off I lost my mind and did this mini plyometric circuit:

using a step:

* 12 stradle sumo jumps ( stand with your legs over the bench in a sumo squat position and jump up on to the step)

* side to side squats on the step ( start with one leg on the step, one leg off and squat down and jump to switch legs)

* squat up squat down: jump squat onto the step, jump back down into a squat and keep going

I did 12 reps and i kept going for 3 rounds.

The sweat was POURING off me like it was going out of fashion. That could also be because its so damn cold I have taken to training with leg warmers…

Train hard πŸ™‚