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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share what I packed for uni:

Getting my baked apple and cinnamon oatmeal ready the night before.

baked oatmeal, big tea, cute dog in the background

cottage cheese, cinnamon, chia seeds, flaxmeal, apple... can anyone spot the cottage cheese floating in my green tea??!!eww

tuna salad with black olives and bulgarit cheese. YUM

Planning meals ahead is the key to success!!!

If you fail to plan you plan to fail… ooohh so corny, but so true. And as always..it doesnt mean you have to obsess, freak out, not go with the flow… !

Here is one of my workouts from last week- this week i’m taking off  the gym for a little planned rest and recovery:

*pushups with one arm on a medicine ball

* renegade row

* burpee to shoulder press with two 7.5kg dumbells

*tricep dips

* squat jump onto bench- pullup-push up (1 rep)

Abs: medicine ball twists and sliding ab tuck

10 minute sprint intervals on the treadmil and 10 minute sprints on the spin bike

Happy training!!!