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Hi guys,

This is a great workout if you are just starting out, not a gym person, not particularly an exercise person…but you know how important it is to have strong healthy muscles!!

So the circuit is this:

warmup first! 5 minutes to get the heart rate up, blood flowing, a little bit of a glo…

and Then:

10-15 pushups- there are so many variations: from your knees/ toes or elevated like I am doing below. the key to this exercise is keeping your abs TIGHT and your back straight- look how my back is straight, you want to keep it like that through out the whole movement.

30 secs march on the spot- take it high impact if you want/can (running on the spot/high knees etc)

15-20 bodyweight squats- I would start by just sitting down into a chair and getting up again- this is not the time to have a sip of tea… work hard! make sure to push your butt right back, chest up and on your way up push through your heels.

30 seconds march on the spot

10-15 tricep dips- make sure to keep your abs tight, shoulders back and down, back straight. you can bend your knees to make this easier, or if you want a challenge elevate your legs! or of course.. do them off a dip station šŸ™‚

30 seconds march on the spot

12-15 rows– you can do these with anything from dumbells/ cans of food/ packets of rice etc… something to add resistance. I would recommend getting some resistance bands

30 seconds march on the spot

repeat 3 more times and stretch šŸ™‚

Remember to ALWAYS keep your abs tight while doing these exercises- not only is it a good way to work those muscles, it also protects your back and supports your body.

I also wanted to show you what my baked apple from the other night looked like when it came out the oven. You can check the before here šŸ™‚

Have a GREAT day… let me know if you need help with the workout.