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HI! I have been AWOL… !! sorry things are kinda out of control juggling work/ university/ dog/ working out/ life so that doesn’t leave much time for blogging at the moment. It also doesn;t leave much time for creative fun in the kitchen.

Ok so you;re all thinking.. great. This is going to be a boring post. No fun food no nothing, why is she still rambling on. I’m not sure why I am still rambling



My roomate has been VERY busy as you can see.


The other night I arrived home from a crazy day of studying- up at 5.30 to make an 8.30 class in a different city and then home by 10pm. And its Winter. So as we (me and doglet) were on our way home it was POURING with rain. Miraculously about ten minutes before we got off the bus the rain stopped…!!! Joy of all joys. We got off the bus and were walking home, marvelling ( well I was marvelling My dog was doing lots of sniffing and peeing) at how I had managed to stay snug and warm all day long when SUDDENLY out of absolutly NOWHERE a ton of water fell on my head and I was DRENCHED from head to toe. I was completely startled and slightly confused as it appeared that I was the only one on the street who got caught in this sudden downpour. I was like… ‘what the hell was that???!!!’ and these boys sitting at the kiosk next door said.. oh the people who live above are always throwing things out the window. OK so perhaps it wasn;t quite a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE.

It was an experience nonetheless ( is that how you spell nonetheless?)

I really don;t want to put too much thought into what was in the bucket that they threw out the window. I am still trying to understand how it was that my luck was SO BAD that at the precise moment I walked under their window the water landed on my head. I was a moving obstacle… not like I was even standing still or anything. HOW HOW HOW???!!!!

Right… off to the gym Β πŸ™‚

Happy night