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Hi guys,

I felt like I needed to do an easier workout today to give my body a bit of a break from all the hectic workouts I usually do. This is a little trick I love to do sometimes… instead of taking a day off, or even active rest, I do a workout but just tone it down a little.

Although- sometimes it is hard to do. So I did start of with some deadlifts – 110lbs after a warmup on the bike.

Then I did this circuit:

20 reps of stiff leg deadlifts ( 2x 10kg)

12 walk-over push ups

12 goblet squats ( 10kg)

15 chest lifts

12 reverse lunges + front kick

1 min of mountain climbers

repeat 2 more times


breakfast on the go at uni- oats, greek yoghurt, half a banana, chia seeds and carob powder. Doggy Kibble for my angel 🙂

snoozing in class ( after he barked when someone walked in i had to put his muzzle on)

after class Americano for mum, glass of water for Little Love