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I started studying today eeeeeeeekkkkk. Its all a bit insane.. no idea how the holidays just vanished like that. So my week is now going to look like this:

Sunday: 6am bus to jerusalem ( with dog and food for the day in tow) for a whole day of classes

Monday: internship 9am- 4pm, work a night shift 9pm-8am tuesday

Tuesday: Internship 9am ( ye no idea how that 8am- get home from work and walk my dog and get back to the school where I intern is going to work) until 12pm, work 3pm-9pm

Wednesday: work 3-9

Thursday: studying all day in Jerusalem…( 2 hours there and 2 hours back.. sometimes longer if there is a bomb scare at the central bus station- this happens a lot more frequently than one would like)

Friday: 8am-1pm work

Saturday: 3pm-8pm work

yes… thats night NO FREE DAYS.

I am predicting a nervous breakdown…!

Thats my schedule. Looking at it makes me want to cry.

All I can say is… thank goodness for him:

I would be lost without my little friend.

OK.. thats it I’ve had my little moan and groan. Now its time to pull up my socks and get my A into G….

This is my clean eating cooler bag for the day :

Because I left the house at 5.30… breakfast came with me.

breakfast: banana, cottage cheese, cinnamon,sunflower seeds, chia seeds and walnuts= AMAZING

mid morning snack: 2 chicken balls and salad

lunch: minced chicken and sweet potato and veggies

afternoon snack: nuts and seeds mix

Like I’ve said often… NO EXCUSE!!! Everyone is busy and has hectic lives…. there is no excuse to eat rubbish, not exercise and get unhealthy.

I arrived home ย after 6pm in a rain storm… dried my doggy ( who came with to uni and behaved like a gentleman) with the hair dryer and went off to the gym.

You have one LIFE – in this lifetime atleast- so rock it, suck it up, SMILE, pre-cook your meals, Train HARD not long… and have FUN