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I sat in gum.

In the gym.

And only noticed after 20 pullups.

So I did the rest of my workout with my sweater ( never been so thankful for one is all my life) tied around my waist.

The workout:

warmup on the rower ( could this be where the gum incident occured??!!)  + stretches

*5 sets of bent over barbell rows supersetted with 10 walkover pushups x 5

* 20 pullups

* 3 sets of flyes

*3 sets of standing shoulder press

*1 set of 10: 1 pull up 1 pushup

* Tabata intervals: 2 mountain climbers 2 pushups

* 4 sets of: 6 mountain climbers 6  pushups 6 mountain climbers 6 pushups ( thas one set)


Then I came home and made some yummy things…

More of my delicious oatmeal cookies!!


I kept the recipe the same, except  for a sprinkle of cinnamon and that I put in a whole banana this time around. I had made a previous batch when I did that and it tasted great- kinda like banana bread oatmeal cookies! So if you LOVE banana bread… I would add in a whole one, if not- stick to the half because you couldn;t really taste the half banana.

The other thing I did a little differently was instead of flinging in a whole lot of raisins…

Then I spooned the batter in the little cuppy cake holders and baked them in the oven- again till they looked about right. This was a brilliant idea ( the raisin thing i mean) because its like.. you’re eating your cookie lalalalaa and then SUDDENLY you bite into a raisin ( my mum is probably shuddering in horror right about now) and its like a little sweet and squishy surprise at the bottom!

I put half of these in the freezer so they are ready to come with me to uni TOMORROW. OMG how on Mother EArth’s green planet did the summer holidays just fly by… I moved house twice, changed gyms twice… sat on gum in the gym… wow. crazy. I don’t know if I am ready for this- Hannukah Break needs to come ASAP!!!!

Anyways.. sorry. A ramble.

So the cookies turned out great.