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Hi guys!

Today and I did such a great workout.. using only what you can see in the photo: PINK DUMBELLS (yes yes…) and a step. After a heavy day yesterday I thought I would do a mostly bodyweight workout.

I love Marianne’s site and she posted a great workout today. I guess because I am a trainer, I usually prefer my own workouts over someone else’s… or maybe thats just an excuse and I am a control freak? not sure..!! BUT I love looking at other people’s workouts for inspiration. So this was based off Mariannes AWESOME workout:

Warmup on the treadmill + stretches

1. Deficit Lunges off the step- 20 reps each leg

2. Elevated plank climbers- 10 reps

3. Skaters – 40 reps

4. Hip thrusts- 20 reps

5. Weighted burpees- 10 reps


I was completely wiped out after that πŸ™‚

deficit lunge start

deficit lunge end

Hip Thrust:Β Best butt exercise EVER.



spotted on a treadmill...hmmmm

I will 100% do this workout again… and that must be saying something. I can;t remember the last time I did the same workout twice!



Whats your number 1 glute exercise?