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Hi guys,

So we’ve have had so many holidays this month which culminated in a whole week and a half off work. It was amazing ( not so much for my bank account) but was so nice to have a bit of a break… although in the middle of it all I moved apartments. And now I have to change gyms too. So… after a nice break- I’m back at work today and NEXT week I start university again… how on EARTH did that happen??? 3 months just flew by… eeeeek

so expect lots of posts on how to juggle uni, ย full-time work, gym, dog, life… ๐Ÿ™‚

But on the HAPPIEST of HAPPY notes… my boys won the RUGBY WORLD CUP!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to watch all on my lonesome at 10am in a pub on a Sunday morning…! WELL DONE ALL BLACKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hottie- I mean Richie- Mccaw holding up the Web Ellis Trophy!!!

love the ALL BLACKS

Breakfast this morning:

breaking the breakfast mould: cottage cheese, salad and sweet potato

Hows the view from my new apartment??!!

For a little inspiration PLEASE read this postย , it puts things in perspective.

Have an AWESOME DAY. Big love to the AB’s and the beautiful country of New Zealand