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Hi everyone,

Its been awhile since I took my workout outdoors to the park- you can have a look at one of my park workouts here. You can also check out some park moves here.

But tonight’s workout was:

warmup: drills + stretches

3 flat sprints…i guess about 100m not sure

6 hill sprints

Then I did some pushups

Then I set my gymboss for 12 rounds of 30 seconds on 15 seconds off and did JUMP ROPE…who says you need big bulky cardio machines and 45 minutes to get your heart rate pumping and your sweat on???!!!

I think the highlight of my workout was when some guy asked me if I was new to fitness and then attempted to teach me how to use my jump rope.

Or maybe it was when some lady started yelling at me for leaving my keys on a bench in case some kid started playing with it and then I’d lose them. She got even more riled up when I told her it was ok.. I was in the area and I had my eye on them. ( how far could anyone get with them.. my sprints were like 15 seconds MAX…not so good if i was actually running 100m eeeek). Not sure why she got so angry…they are my keys after all..!!

On my walk home…  I had a pang of loneliness because my little man wasn’t with me. And I went to HIS park… without him. What chutzpah.

Although I am pretttyyyy sure he was doing this the whole time I was gone:

what with all the doggy park playing in the morning and MAJOR doggy playing in the afternoon- he had a pretty social day. More then I can say for me.

Thats it boys and girls!

I’ll leave you with this beautiful song that I am always being made fun of for loving.. but who cares. Its beautiful! Check it out here on youtube…

train hard now 🙂