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Hi guys!

The other night I made the most delicious dinner:

step 1: ( carrot cake in the background) onions, chopped zucchini, minced chicken, fresh parsley

step 2: add grated carrots, tomato paste, hot paprika, bay leaves, oregano

step 3: boil up some cauliflower

step 4: layer it up.. and pop it into the oven

and thats one serving gone... and one serving left!!

HOT TIP: eat A LOT of veggies 🙂

it is no secret I LOVE to eat.. but I also love to see my abs. So I have come up with the best way to er.. have my cake and eat it too!

I cooked up 300g of chicken.. thats two servings- one for my sister and one for me. What I did was I jam packed the minced chicken with veggies to make it seem like a whole lot more than just one serving. And we used a whole cauliflower between the two of us. So we felt like we were eating a TON- which we were… but it was a TON of goodness 🙂